“After nearly 20 years of teaching high impact aerobics, my feet never have never felt this good! The Tritec Footwear Socks not only prevent blisters, they also fit well and give your ankle area great support!”


-Antoinette Howard, Fitness Health Club Aerobics Director

“I have been in Competitive sports my whole life and I thought the day would never come where the task of completely relieving blisters would ever become a reality. The Tritec Footwear socks are above and beyond any other socks on the market and bring a new level of comfort to consumers worldwide.”


-Gabe Young, President of Power House Athletics

“When I played pro football with the Albany Firebirds, I had to wear 2 pair of socks to deal with blisters. The Tritec Footwear socks eliminate that need. They are amazing and will be a huge success in the sports world.”


-Erick Bernard, Former Arena 1 Albany Firebird football player

“After participating in more than 25 triathlons, my feet have been through it all. I have never found any socks that prevent blisters until now. The Tritec Footwear socks are truly one of a kind and will be a top seller with runners worldwide.”


-Jessica Mitchell, Marathon Coach and avid runner

“Tritec has finally created a pair of socks that I can wear all day long in comfort, for both business and pleasure. The added benefits of the materials make it the only choice for me. Now I can throw all the old ones out because nothing feels better on my feet than a pair of Tritec Socks”


-David Pyke, College Professor and Entrepreneur.



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