Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are they really for everyone?

    A: Definitely, yes. Whether you are an athlete participating in extreme sports or the everyday sock wearer looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can experience the latest and greatest in sock technology that our industry has to offer.

  • Q: Are they more expensive than traditional socks?

    A: No. We understand that with this strained economy, every dollar counts and it is our position that we want everyone to share in the experience that will bring comfort and joy to all who need it. Tritec Footwear socks are competitively priced offering more comfort and value over traditional socks that offer less benefit.

  • Q: Are they comfortable to wear?

    A: Extremely! Tritec Footwear socks are made with quality high grade yarns that have the most modern technology that our industry has to offer. An added benefit reported back from consumer testing, is that our product adds additional support and maximum comfort.

  • Q: Does Tritec Footwear really prevent blisters in the

    Achilles area?

    A: Yes, they do. Tritec Footwear’s patented technology offers maximum protection in this specific area where blister commonly occur.

  • Q: Is Tritec Footwear an eyesore?

    A: Not in any way. Our Patented design is very discrete which is achieved by inserting a cushion to the inner portion of the sock seamlessly, virtually making it invisible to the eye.

  • Q: Are Tritec Footwear wash tested to last?

    A: Yes. Our socks are manufactured with the highest grade yarns and a worldwide credible 3M branded laminated adhesive that ensures that every customer receives a quality product that has been rigorously tested, allowing consumers the ultimate level of comfort and support for the life of the sock.

  • Q: Does it fulfill an unsatisfied need to consumers?

    A: Without a doubt. With over 6 million people at any given time suffering from blisters that are looking for a solution now, our Patented technology has the potential to replace current socks in the market for those looking for a better alternative to traditional choices.

  • Q: Are Tritec Footwear socks affordable to purchase?

    A: Yes! Our Tritec Footwear Socks are veryaffordable. We incorporate the most modern technology in our socks at a cost equal to if not lower, than current socks they are purchasing without the latest technological benefits.

  • Q: If retailers invest and carry Tritec Footwear socks,

    will they have the competitive advantage over similar products currently in the market

    A: Yes, they do. Tritec Footwear’s patented technology offers maximum protection in this specific area where blister commonly occur.

  • Q: Are Tritec Footwear Socks comparable to other top

    brands of socks in the market today?

    A: Comparable? YES, In the same class? NO!! All Tritec Footwear Socks are tested to last longer while offering more benefits as well as different versions in the near future that will definitely satisfy consumers while generating endless potential revenue to retailers that carry our line.

  • Q: Does Tritec Footwear serve a multitude of markets?

    A: YES. Currently we are focusing on our athletic line but a plan is in place to launch a new segment every quarter offering a vast range of options for all who are searching for a simple solution to a common problem that is long overdue.

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