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Born January 31 1980 in Georgetown Guyana, I came to the United states in an uncommonly manor destined to live in a world of tough times and hardships, only to find comfort and a possibility to achieve the American dream through immediate family. Though coming to the states gave families from other countries an opportunity to experience what many natural born citizens get handed to them, the Hasan family had to endure many trials and tribulations that affected each and every member in a different way. Problems such as financial difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse, where the next meal would come from, or moving around a lot due to the family situation became the norm. However, the one common factor that always stayed consistent was the unconditional, continuous bond of love and togetherness that exist even to this day gave me the strength and ambition to work to my greatest potential and achieve the American dream that for many years seemed to be just that, a dream.


After settling in the upstate region and spending many years working hard to excel in my field, I began chasing the dream of bringing a revolutionary product of comfort to everyone throughout the world that has to deal with the aggravation of getting blisters on their Achilles tendon. After many let downs, dead ends, and emotionally about to give up, I was blessed and honored to be pointed into the direction of a gentlemen by the name of Christian Arakelian who was the Vice President of a standard manufacturing company and to this day is considered to be a dear friend and member of my family. Christian was able to not only see my vision, but also turned out to be missing link that would eventually after many months of endless attempt and focused persistence, was able to bring my idea from thought to fruition.


Though this product is simple, innovated and possibly a necessity throughout the world, it would only be an idea if it wasn’t for the dedication and unmatched work ethic of Christian that I was able to turn my dream into a reality. With that being said I would like to acknowledge him for bringing to life a level of comfort to the world that until now was missing.


Vice President


I joined the family business that started over a century ago when my great grandfather designed and patented the double press machine that that soon proclaimed the upstate state region of Troy, NY the collared city. After many years of working hard to maintain the level of integrity that my family has built standard manufacturing company to be known for I graciously take being the Vice President position a serious one with a level of respect and approach it with an intense passion to continuously grow our company beyond the original vision that my great grandfather once had. When I first heard of this project I approached it with uncertainty knowing that in the realm of manufacturing, it’s extremely hard to not only have the mindset to come up with an absolute new product, but also figuring out a way to produce it when there is no blueprint on how to make it due to it being a first of its kind would be a hard task to overcome.

That all changed when Ricky walked into my office with not only a glow, but passion that even to this day I find unmatched and truly remarkable. After hearing the unbelievable story of his upbringing I went home and really looking at his original presentation, I thought it was a good idea but once again had the fear of can it be done. Not able to visualize what it would take to make this project come to life I decided to call Ricky and let him know the unfortunate news. Sure enough, the young man that passionately came to me with such a glow and intense persistence persuaded me to look at it one more time.

That night I was reviewing the presentation and asked my wife to take a look at the visuals that Ricky gave me and her remarks of wow, I would absolutely buy that if it were available solidified me being a full believer that I must figure out a way to do the what at that time seemed to be an impossible task. I can confidently say I am not only grateful that Ricky was so willing to share his vision with me, but also excited to give a product of true comfort to men, women and children throughout the world. It has been long and tough journey, and I am pleased to say the outcome has produced a great innovated product, and a friendship that will last a lifetime.


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We bring a level of comfort to athletes, professionals and the everyday sock wear that has yet to be achieved in the sock industry.

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