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While preparing to launch our patented line of socks, Tritec Footwear, I found myself spending a lot of time researching every course, article, and guru marketing technique that would better my chance of success in launching an online business. After many months of this mindset, I quickly became burnt out and suffered from what every new online marketer knows as "Information Overload." Read More

Experience our innovative, patented design that offers a simple solution to an century old problem. Tritec Footwear is manufactured with extremely high grade yarns that are embedded with the most modern technology.

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Your feet sweat about a cup of moisture per day! The quality of your socks makes a huge difference in whether that moisture escapes properly or builds up as bacteria. With increasing interest in sports, people are facing more concerns.


With thousands of business's closing annually, retailers remain on the hunt for a point of differentiation among a sea of "sameness". Those that are able to identify a consumer need and fulfill it will most likely succeed in today's economy.

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Our Mission

Coming soon Tritec Footwear will be featured on the national television show "Mission Makeover". Tritec Footwear along with Mission Makeover will help women transform their careers and lives and reclaim their health and wellness.

We bring a level of comfort to athletes, professionals and the everyday sock wear that has yet to be achieved in the sock industry.

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